Sunday, September 9, 2007

wow it sure has been a while hasn't it

I've missed you all so much. Well let me give you a quick update.

I have yet to hear anything about the whole lymphoma thing. I've kinda tried to keep it out of my mind until i need to deal with it.


I still love my job. I am in charge of two accounts now. Coco's and Carrow's restuarants and Fountain tire in canada.
I've had some stress from all of the drama that comes with working with about 50 women but i'm getting used to that.


We just got back from a much needed vacation. This was the first family vacation for micah, his father josh and I together. We went to a very small town in canada to a cabin with my parents. It is right on a lake and soooo peaceful. No tv, phone or computer. I simply enjoyed the silence.
Pictures can be found below or at
All of the vacation pic's can be found here.


I have gotten so much knitting done. A scarf (no pic yet) that curls around itself. A beanie for a friends son with the anarchy symbol on it. She is a bit punk rock so it fits just great for her son.
I also made her son the Henry Rollins doll from the stitch N bitch nation book. I have finally finished the baby sweater i have been working on forever. I am currently working on another curly scarf. After that is done i will need to start to work on stuff for the craft fair i'm going to do in october. My friend Jeni and I are going to do our first craft fair together. I'm going to be making lots of school colored items (the craft fair is at the high school here in town), Cell phone cases, beanies, washclothes, belts, headband/ear warmers, fingerless gloves, and several kids items. I'm also going to be making some stitch markers.

All in all i've been really really busy but i'm going to make time for the blog from now on. I've missed all of you and the messages you send. It means alot to me to know that people actually read what i write about and that you care enough to leave comments.
Here are some pics for you.
Thanks all,
Best wishes and happy stitches
Micah showing off for the camera in a hat that was in a gift shop

Josh and I in a garden behind a gift shop. Micah took this pic for us

Micah's first catch of the vacation. He is pretending he is gonna kiss it.