Sunday, November 4, 2007

to my gilmore girls

Hello all,

To all of my Gilmore girls fans. I was just watching the eddie murphy movie Norbit and you will not believe this. They used the stars hollow set. The gazeboo, luke's diner, the church. they are all there.
They do alot of city scenes so you really get to see our dear stars hollow alot.
Take a look sometime.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

sorry about the wait

Finally, here is my question answer form for the coffee yarn swap. Gosh i think i am going to end up being late for my own funeral.

November 3th, 2007
1. Whole bean or ground?
Ground, please
2. Fully-loaded or decaf?
Fully Loaded!
3. Regular or flavored?
4. How do you drink your coffee?
With flavored creamers. No sugar
5. Favorite coffee ever?
I had a dark roast from starbucks, I think it had the name dragon in it but i dont go there enough to know the name. I love columbian, french and just plain old dark roast. I love strong coffee.
6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do?
Any bean will do
7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee?
I love anything chocolate, Biscotti's, cookies, Dark chocolate, anything sinfull.
8. Anything else about your coffee preferences?
9. Yarn/fiber you love?
Anything that is soft to the touch, I love soy silk by patons, and the soy from SWTC. I even like acrylics if they are soft enough.
10. Yarn/fiber you hate?
I hate mohair, and scratchy wool. I hate novilty yarn too.
11. What’s on your needles?
which set of needles. I have about 12 projects going right now. Lets see, a OSU blanket, fingerless gloves, a couple scarves for christmas, a handbag to felt, oh just lots of goodies.
12. Favorite colors?
Pink, reds, all shades of green, I love verigated yarns, lots of natural colors. I do not like purple at all unless it is in a verigated yarn and does not take over the colorway.
13. Allergies?
Unless you are going to send me medicine then none that concern my partner. lol
14. Anything you really love, really don’t like, or just need to get off your chest?
I do not like coconuts either, or lime. I love getting recipes. If you have a favorite recipe ship it here. that is so fun to try new foods that another family has cheerished for years.
The history behind something like that is just so wonderful.
I love love love, double pointed needles and anykind of bamboo or wood needles. I just like the natural feeling rather than that of a cold metal needle. I do however use my denise interchangable needles all the time. Plasitc is better for my hands than the metal. lol. I know you think i'm nuts now.

so life has been a bit crazy lately. I have been working non stop on a new client in Canada. It has been alot of fun but I hardly have any shoppers there. It is not like in California where if one person in one town can't do the shop they can drive 15 min. to the next town and do that shop. The towns i have in Canada are hours apart from each other. It just stinks.
Well it has been nice calling Canada everyday. It makes me want to be back on my vacation. I just love the accents.

Micah had a great time trick or treating this last weekend. He was a Grim Reaper kind of thing. I can't tell anymore what these costumes are.
We also had a fun costume contest at work. My team went as mental patience.
My boss went as a nurse. We had lots of fun showing our crazy side. I went at a man. My sister loved giving me a beard and a unibrow.
I came in second place for the costume contest. Oh well. Next year i told them that we should dress like the tv show "the office". I know i could do a mean phyills. Our new guy jeremy looks like ryan. lol.
That woud be so fun to turn our office into the Office.

Medical update:
I'm going down to part time at the end of November. I have to get to the doctors and find out what is wrong with me. I need to know if i have cancer. It sucks living your life and just not knowing.
Well i must go and listen to my OSU buckeyes beat Wisconsin ( I hope)

I forgot to mention that micah lost his front tooth. He looks so funny with it gone.

THis is my office. I'm the one in front with the unibrow and the green shirt. I was wearing a pair of joke underwear over my pj bottoms.. I also used my hospital gown as a cape.
It was fun.