Thursday, March 29, 2007

I ordered some new toys...

Hello all,

My friend toni has a friend who makes jewerly and i asked her to make me some stitch markers. I got these pics in my inbox today and i am in love. These are perfect for me. I like things that are very simple. I dont know what all the gemstones mean that are on it, but i think it is wonderful. This is her website if anyone wants to see or order some of her stuff.
I'm sure if you email her that she would make some markers for you too. I'm not sure yet how much they are but i think its worth it.

i hope you like um



Monday, March 26, 2007

We Lost :( :( :(

well we lost, 87-85. It was a good game and they almost had it but man was it hard to see them lose. My son had a great time at the game. I think he just likes the hot dogs. lol.

On the knitting front, I finished my friends felted handbag and am working on the finishing touches of my OSU buckeyes bag. Sorry to tell you but tomorrow will be yet another repeat for our beloved gilmore girls. I urge you all to take a moment and vote to save our GG. here is the link, it only take a few seconds and every vote does count.
save our Gilmore Girls and vote now. we need another season.

Here are a few links that show some pics of the game. I will no longer bore you with basketball well unless OSU makes it into the final four. lol. talk to you all very soon.

Links to upper rams basketball game pics.

Friday, March 23, 2007

We won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight I took my son to the boys high school basketball game. We had such a good time and to top it all off we won the game 89-58. It was an amazing game and i'm so glad my son and I were able to share this together. Since we had tickets to tonights game we were able to buy tickets to the state finals on saturday. I cant wait. Oh and the buckeyes won too. yeah..... I know, I know, it is a bit strange to talk about basketball on a knitting blog but i'm just so proud of all the hard work they have done. The "star" player Jon diebler played tonight even though his grandfather passed away last night. I just cant believe the emotional strength this boy must have.
On the knitting front i was able to finish my school sprit scarf and add a matching headband. Here are some pics. GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

projects in the work

Hello all,

I am holding my breath waiting for a new gilmore girls. On the knitting front i'm currently working on several items. Here are some pics for ya.

This will be a felted Ohio State Buckeyes handbag. I will do a duplicate stitch over the top of it before i felt it.

The boys high school basketball team in my home town have made it to the state final four. They play in columbus tonight and i'm taking my son to the game. Our colors are orange and black so i need a scarf to show my "school spirit".

I paid a visit to my new favorite yarn store in columbus ohio the other day. Knitters mercantile has everything i have ever wanted in a yarn store. I picked up the yukon print to make a cable handbag like my green one i posted on here. I'll be making it for my baby sister. I picked up the hempethy black hemp yarn to make handles for a "bob marley" handbag i'm going to felt and the cascade was on sale so i just couldnt pass it up. I'm thinking about making the scarf that brani posted on here, the branching out scarf. I think these colors would make a perfect spring item, but please suggestions are always welcome. when i get new yarn i never know what to do with it. The women at the store was helping me look for yarn and she asked me what i was making. I had to laugh when she gave me a look to my response. I told her i didnt know, i said, " i'm a bit of a collector, i never buy more then one skein of the same color or brand". she looked at me like i had just commited a cardinal sin of knitting. lol..
Of course i'm still working on that baby sweater, but at least i'm getting ready to put it together.
then i have the crochet afghan for grandma (who is doing very well now). and random small projects like a head band for a friend. a head band for me. and my last attempt at a felting project for a friend.
Best wishes all.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Speaking of St. Patty's Day

This was how I spent my St. Patty's Day Weekend, you may recognize a few of my knitted items making appearances in here :)
PS... I'm in the glasses and sometimes my entrelac scarf

Sunday, March 18, 2007

i missed a few pics , here they are.

my cousin candee, yes we made her wade out to this park bench which normally is several yards away from a pond but now is part of the pond.

read the date of death, this one is crazy!

great day for photos

Today was a very busy day for me. It started with me, my son and his grandma going to the local hospital to take part in a wonderful program called the "teddy bear clinic". At this event children can bring in a stuffed animal to tour the hospital so that way if the child is ill the hospital wont seem like such a scary place. They also get to give their animal a fake shot and bandage them up. Micah had so much fun.
Afterwards my sister jess, my cousin candee and I went to the local park to take some pics. It was a bit cold but the lighting was so nice we had to go. Locally we have had a ton of rain so the park was a bit flooded but it made for a fun day. we also had a chance to go visit a friends grave site and we found some amazing statues. I just feel such a sense of peace at cemetaries. Strange i know. I stoped by a locally "famous" tombstone. I'll post the pic of this famous headstone, check out the date on it. No one really knows why this date is the way it is, whether it is a misprint/typo from the carver etc. they are not really sure.
On the knitting front i am finishing up a friends purse, this time i have to get the pattern right, i'm running out of that yarn.


my st. paddys day hair tie

my little sister jess

one of the many statues we found at the cemetary

st paddys day save

Not being a real big person on the topic of st. paddys day i completely forgot it was today. I had promised my son that his father and i would take him up to bowling green (which is about an hour away) to visit his grandpa. On the way up there my son decided it was time to give mom a nice big pinch on my arm. Ouch. I was not wearing any green. Lucky for me i happened to have some green yarn in my "knitting bag" that i brought with me. I quickly knit up a hair tie in I-cord. I'm happy to say that i did not get another pinch the rest of the day. I'll post some pics tomorrow to show you all my "life saving" green yarn. lol.

Happy St. Patricks Day

Thursday, March 15, 2007

product mentor

Tonight i received a call from kelly the creator of knit klips. I have been tossing around an idea for a new knitting product and i contacted her to see if she had any advice for someone looking to do what she has done. Here is a link to her web site and info about her product. She had created a wonderful product to help when seaming a item together. She called and was great, she answered all my questions and gave me some great info. Not many people would do what she did for me. Some people in the business industry would bother to help someone else who is trying to get into there field. So a big thank you to Kelly for all her help and advice. Please take a look at her site when you have a chance. you can order straight from her site or you can check with your local yarn store to see if they carry her product.
best wishes

perfect day for a kite

My son and i had a wonderful outing yesterday. I have not been to fly a kite in years and we had a wonderful windy day. So after school my son and i went hunting around town for a kite (which is harder to find than you would think) and went to the park. we had a great time after we both learned what we were doing. I took some pics so sorry to bore you with non knitting pics but i just had to share them.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Hi! I am Sarah! Thank you so much Mandie for letting me join the wonderfull knit along for Gilmore Girls obsession with a little knitting thrown in! I am so excited to be here! I think that my first project for the knit along will be a baby gift for a couple at my church. I want to knit the scarf Lorelai wore in the show, but it is getting a little hot for scarves down here in good ole' Bama!


mama's got a brand new bag.

First of all i couldnt believe it last night when there i sat, knitting in hand when i see a rerun. I had no idea that last night was a repeat episode of GG. Well at least american idol was on. I finished a few projects last night that i am very happy about. I finished a set of fingerless gloves for a friend and a handbag for me. I still have to do the lining on the inside but i am just in love with it. I got this yarn from an estate sale. it was tucked away inside a suit case. 5 hanks of 100% virgin wool in this wonderful shade of green. Its almost a celery color. I toped off this cable knit with a cream colored ribbion. Instead of running the ribbion around the top of the bag i wove it thru the cable down the center of the bag and back around to the other side. I hope you like it as much as i do. I'm trying to get permission to publish the pattern but if i dont hear back i may just set up a link to it on here.



Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Branching Out

So even though GG was a rerun, it was one I haven't seen so I watched and worked on Branching out from It is a KAL for a local group I belong too. I'm having fun with it although I really do have to pay attention because it is my first lace project.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm still watching

So I wasn't feeling great on Sunday and watched several episodes of Gilmore Girls on DVD from season 6. While doing so, I managed to finish my sister's leg-warmers. Yay. No picture today. I will be seeing her this weekend and hope to get a picture of them on her to share with you!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

baby sweater on its way.

I have way to many projects to count at this point. The one i'm enjoying the most right now is a baby sweater ive been working on for a while. I have promised the pics so here they are. I'll be done with two handbags and two sets of fingerless gloves by the end of this week. Hopefully the baby sweater by the weekend. i hope you like it. I'll post pics of the other projects when they are done.

thanks all

happy stitches and best wishes


P.S... i almost forgot. I wanted to post a couple pics of a painting my sons grandfather has painted of him. I'll post the original pic and the painting. I can believe he does this amazing work from just a picture.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

what no baby pics???

I was so happy that poor layne had the babies but i really thought they would show more of it. I couldnt believe that they didnt even show the babies pics. That would of been a great ending to the show. I guess i was pretty happy with how it did turn out. I think it is nice that lore walk in her moms shoes for a while. I like the fact that she is finally saying she is sorry for walking away with rory all those years ago. So i must say "i'm sorry" as well, i have been trying to get around to post the pics of my first ever sweater and i've been soooo sick i havent done it yet. I went to the docs today and he told me i have tonsilitis and laryngitis. I'm having trouble talking, swallowing, well just about everything. I've had a bit of a fever too. so i'm done here tonight, i'm going to go crawl back under my pile of blankets and shiver and not swallow. i'm on meds now so i should be feeling well enough to get those pics up soon.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

trying my hands at a sweater

I've decided to try to make a sweater. It was going sooo well until i got to the neck shaping. nothing in my short knitting career has prepared me for such a project. I have had to turn to my friends at a knitting group on yahoo for some help. I'm going to post some pics this evening after i finish the sleeve. I'll put them up with my gg post. Cant wait for tonight. I have read the show spoilers for the show and without giving anything away. I'm happy with what they are doing. But i do agree, i feel like they are preparing to end things. I hope they dont but i guess good things cant last forever (oh how i miss you knots landing, lol) .
well i will talk to you all this evening.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Programming the VCR

So last week, I programmed the VCR but didn't know it had to be turned off to work. This week however I figured it out. I was so excited when I came home and there was something on the tape I sat down right then to watch it.

Didn't that episode feel like they were starting to close things up? I finished the episode depressed. Something about it just felt like the beginning of the end and I don't like it one bit.

I also got season 6 disc 2 from Netflix this week and watched three episodes last night. One of them was Rory's 21st birthday party, back when she was not going to Yale, living in the Pool House and not speaking to her mother. It was so sad to see. I hated that Rory didn't know about Paul Anka or the hole in Lore's house. I know they get fixed eventually, but still. So Gilmore Girls has been leaving me depressed lately.

I have been finishing some projects pictures will follow this weekend.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lucy on top model

Ok, so i was watching Americas next top model premiere tonight. They had a challenge where the girls had to go to a goodwill and have a fashion show. while they walked the runway they showed some of the people in the front row (well the only row really, there was maybe 30 people there) and they showed "Lucy". Rory's friend from yale. i couldnt believe it. she was just sitting there they didnt even mention her. Tell me i'm not alone in spotting her.