Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well well well, how long has it been. I suppose i could go back and count the months but lets not dwell on my tardiness. So since we have last spoke i have had a bunch of things happen.
First of all don't you just love the new family pictures? I personally think that my boys are the cutest ever.
I had a Britney spears moment and decided to cut off all of my hair. Luckily I have a hair stylist with common sense and she stopped me. Instead she took off 10 inches of my hair which was donated to Locks of Love. This is an organization that takes hair donations to make wigs for cancer paitents. This is my third time donating to the organization. I thought i would get a ribbon or a discount on my hair cut because of this but no go. lol

I have quit my job. I was having oddles of medical problems and needed some time to take care of my body. Plus it was getting a bit difficult to travel to work everyday with the headaches i'm having. I hope to return someday but i know right now that i can not perform my duties the way they need me too.

On the health front. I was told by my neurosurgeon in august that they had found "something" in my lymph nodes in my neck. They wanted me to see an oncologist for lymphoma. It took forever but i finally got to see one. They ordered a set of CAT scans. I had these done on Friday. Monday i got a call that the scans of my cheast and abdoman came out fine. Then Tuesday I get "the" call. They said my actual thoat is fine but the Lymph nodes are inlarged. They want to wait 3 months to see if it was just an infection or if they have grown. Man i wish i would of save that hair i donated. lol.
I'm trying to be as positive as possible right now. If i dwell to much on this the next 3 months will be pure hell. Who knows what it is but i am just trying to keep it out of my little "mind bubble" lol. We have decided not to tell micah anything until we know for sure. He went though so much when i had my brain surgery and i don't want him to have to go though that again. He worries so much about me. We will tell him if we have to but fingers crossed we won't have anything to tell him.

Knitting: Oh the knittin i've done. I have just finished a cute little cable knit purse and just bought another new pattern for one. Lots of hats and scarves have been donated to the foster care children of the county thanks to the Trinity Stitchers. This is a knitting and crochet group that i started to help the foster care kids of my county. We made blankets for all of them and even gave extra for any new children they may get. The job and family services contacted us to let us know that alot of children are coming into the office without hats, gloves or scarves. With the weather here in ohio getting down to 15 degrees here in the past week we needed to do something for these kids. I'm proud of the ladies in the group. They all answered our call for help and now the J&FS have so many hats and scarves they were able to sit a box in the lobby for anyone who may need them to take them. I stopped in the office the other day to drop off more and saw a women walk out with hats and scarves for her three kids. It felt so good to know that my little obsession is going to keep some kids warm this winter.

Well I think that is about the long and short of it all. I'm trying to stay well, trying to knit lots of things and focus on my family.
Until next time:
Best wishes and happy stitches.