Sunday, June 24, 2007

The office

This is my new office. Great isn't it. I think it looks like something straight out of New Orleans with the fountain in front. My first two days went great and i can't wait to get back to work on Monday. I'm sure all that will change after I've been there for a while but for now i like the job. Working again is strange after I've been off for so long. I feel like I'm neglecting not only my child but my yarn and Dr. Phil. Oprah understands. lol. well i thought I'd share that with you all and i should have some new pics up tomorrow. We are taking my son to a fishing derby.
best wishes and happy stitches

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am now entering the world of employment

Hello all,
Yes i got the job. I start on thursday so now the real challange begins. I will have to figure out how exactly i'm going to jugle motherhood, full time job and full time school. Oh when will i knit. I will find a way. I am very excited about this new postion, the pay could be better but it's better than the nothing i'm making now.

I have few pics for ya. first is a trial run of the pic i'm gonna enter for the calendar contest. They want you to knit one of the patterns off their web site then photo it and if your pic wins it will be in the 2008 knitty calendar.

I borrowed my cousins son to model a pink tart hat. i think i may need to find a younger baby. I think he looks a bit to old for the idea I had in my head.

This is baby aidan

the next bunch of pics is from our family day out. we had a picnic at the town resevour then got some sparklers and had a bit of fun with those.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Guess who has an interview, hehe

I finally have an interview tomorrow. It is with a corporate research company and i would be doing the scheduling. I'm very excited. This sounds like something i really could be good at.
wish me luck and I'll let you all know as soon as i know if i got the job.
Oh and some new pics tomorrow.
best wishes and happy stitches

Friday, June 15, 2007

finished it today

I finally finished a blanket i've been working on. this is my very first attemt at crochet. I figured if i taught myself how to knit then crochet should not be a problem. I made this for my grandmother. she had a spill and had to have surgery on her arm a while ago. While she is sitting in her recliner she likes to have a blanket to cover up with so this is for her. I hope she loves it. I loved it so much i fell asleep with it today.

This is made with Lion brand Jiffy and i think this is called a shell stitch??? i dont know much about the names of the stitches yet. I do know that i did alot of double stitches.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

if you knit shawls you need this book.

a knitting swap buddy of mine just released a book. It went on sale the other day but I think internet orders must be pre ordered. Check her out on amazon and to buy the book.

here is her blog
she is very talented and really really nice.
best wishes and happy stitches

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This weekend at our local park the humane society held the annually "pawfest" dedicated to raising money for the shelter. The dogs have a costume contest, run a obstacle course and they have a dog walk, where everyone walks their dogs around the park. well we couldn't bring our dog since he just had surgery but we went anyways. my son loves dogs so much. I think we were the only ones there without a dog. Here are the highlights.

Micah found some kids to play with.

a random dog owner playing with his dog

My friend Toni brought her two Bision Frise puppies, this one is Lilly. Micah loved them sooo much. I tried to hide one in my purse but Toni had a close eye on them.

My friend Krista and her dog chewy. she let Micah walk chewy during the dog walk, well until chewy had to go potty then Micah was done with him.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Finally some pics for you

I had to post all the pics as individual posts because blogger was not working with them all together. well Saturday i talked Micah's dad into taking me to the knitters connection down in Columbus. I couldn't afford to go to the classes but i still wanted to go to the yarn market. It was amazing. lots of booths and lots of yarn. wow. I met the Creator of yarn love yarn. She was really nice. you can buy her stuff at I didn't have but five bucks on me but i think i made out pretty good. I came home with two skeins of yarn and some charms that say "made with love" so you can knit them right on to a project. That is a funny story how i got the charms.

I was wearing my GG shawl and the women running the fiberworks booth asked me about the yarn i made it out of. She had just began to carry jojoland melody yarn and liked the way it worked up. I told her what a great deal i got on the yarn from eBay and she said that i bought it cheaper than what she pays. YEAH for me!!!! I told her I always hunt for a good deal. I let her know how cheap i got my Denise knitting needles and she said she was gonna cry. Then she said that i should do all her buying, lol. Just then a women came up asking about the Denise needles. The lady running the booth just pointed to me. I let the customer know how much i love the needles and showed her how u can link them together, I pulled mine out of my purse (project on the needles) and she said "sold". She bought the set right then and there. I laughed and said "hey, I should get a commission off of that sale", lol. The women behind the counter said yes and threw something at me. It was a bag of twenty of the charms. I really didn't expect anything but was very grateful, how nice of her.

Before we left i wanted to head back over to the HBC weaving booth so i could get his card and write down the name of the yarn i fell in love with. When i asked josh to go get the yarn for me he brought it back and said "why are you gonna write it down?" I told him i want to order it later (really it's just cuz I'm broke and the yarn cost 29 dollars). He said "well here now you wont forget the name" and he put it on the counter. I was so shocked i couldn't stop smiling. He bought it for me. I was just so happy he brought me but to buy me yarn too. wow.

I did have a women comment several times how great it was that he would come with me to the yarn market. she said her husband never would of came, and she would say again what a great guy he is to come with me. I could see his head swell but he did deserve the attention. Not many men would do that.

He always surprises me, just not always in a good way like this weekend. lol.

well enjoy the pics, I'll have some new ones tomorrow from our trip to the "pawfest" for dogs (how strange for people without a dog).
best wishes and happy stitches

I finished my Gilmore Girls shawl. I did my binding off on the follow week after the show ended. I was so mad. i had been so good at trying to only knit on this during the show and then the show ends before i get it done. oh well at least it is done. So i actually got my son to model for me. He didnt want me to show his face since this is a girls item. I told him to be glad i didnt knit a dress, lol.

the knitters connection took place at the hyatt regency in columbus ohio. now for the top pic you have to turn your head to the left and look sideways. I couldnt seem to rotate this pic. it is a pic of the hotel from my car window.

sincerity yarn from yarn love booth. it is a brushed mohair blend. i just love the color of this.

this is the yarn that josh bought for me at the HBC weaving booth. I am soo in love with it. He said i have to make something for myself with this yarn but i just dont know what to make. I told him i'm just gonna knit a cover for my pillow so i can be close to this yarn all the time. lol

HBC weaving booth, this was the find of my day. just soooo soft to touch. I dont know how he does it but he makes this yarn soooo soft. I bought one called precious, half merino and half silk. I'm in love. you can buy it at

showing off the new spinning wheel. I was so jelous. i want one.

yarn love booth

you can buy her yarn at

she has some wonderful stuff

again the fiberworks booth, she was so nice.

fiberworks booth

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I'm soooo happy

Yes i know i haven't put up the new pics yet. I'm still fighting with my camera and those darn rechargeable batteries.

Now on to some exciting news. I made deans list at school. this is a first for me EVER!!! I've never been on honor roll or any kind of academic list. I almost cried when i read it. I couldn't believe it. I'm still fearful they are going to say it's a mistake.
In elementary school news, my son graduated first grade today. I cant believe i have a second grader now. Do they ever stop growing???

On the needles right now. I had to frog out a fingerless glove today because the cable went crazy somewhere in the pattern. I'm doing some felting tomorrow of a hand bag. I'm also working on a hand bag for a felted bag exchange.

Also tomorrow I'll be sending out two packages for swaps I'm in. I cant wait until they get them so i can tell you what i sent. I don't want to spoil the surprise.

talk to you all very very soon.