Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ok so i'm now addicted to clearance items,lol.

I went to wal mart tonight and they have all of their christmas stuff at 75% off. I bought this ribbon organizer for my wool yarn. I got it for I think $2.37. It is very nice. I'm working on another felted bag and need my yarn to stop getting tangled and this seemed perfect. I was able to fit 4 skiens in to it comfy. It doesnt catch the yarn or pull it to tight. I highly suggest getting one of these. I'm going back to walmart tomorrow to buy a few more for friends. I also suggest going to smaller cities when looking for after christmas sales. The walmart in my small town has a ton of stuff left but when going to a bigger town near by they barely had anything left.
Talk to you all tomorrow.
happy stitches and well wishes

Thursday, December 28, 2006

i'm feeling guilty

ok, so tonight i went to meijers to use my gift card (which i forgot to use the other day on my yarn) and i decided to buy these new knit lite needles that i've heard so much about. They were not maked (a price) and i tried one of those self scanners they have around the store. That didnt work either. So I decided to buy them anyways. So i get to check out and the kid running the register cant figure out how much they cost so he said " um, I think they are 1 dollar". My jaw dropped. I said so if I go back and get the other size are you gonna charge me a dollar too. he said " as long as it doesnt ring up i will". so i am now the proud owner of one size 8 and two size 9 sets of knit lites at the amazing cost of 3.00 total. Retail at 15.95 each. WOW is karma gonna get me for that one. lol. I really didnt know until i got home and looked on the internet how much they really cost but i did know it was no dollar a piece.
I must say they are pretty cool. I used them in the car ride home and i felt like I was at some rave party or directing air traffic. they are very bright. I think you may even be able to read a pattern from the light these give off.
talk to you soon

finished my first felting project.

As some of you may know, I was making a blanket for my cousin who is addicted to VW bugs. I scraped that idea when i had soooo much christmas knitting to do. I decided instead to make her a felted bag with the same logo on it. Now that it is done i have 4 people and counting who want this bag (with a different logo). So i thought i was busy during christmas. wow 4 bags, this is going to be so here is the pic (not a good one color wise, pic via camera phone). I didnt get my digital camera for christmas like i asked santa for. I didnt think i was that bad. I hope you all like it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

love this show

I hope you all had a very merry christmas. I his some of the after christmas sales and was a little disapointed. I was hopeing to get lion brand wool and what i found was liion brand wool ease. Not the same for my felting project. I did buy a few skeins just to see if i like it. I finished the felting project tonight and am soooo in love with this bag i will be making a few more in the coming weeks. I'm sure once my cousin starts using this bag that she will have people asking where it came from. I'm hoping to be able to make some cash off of this addiction of mine someday. But then again who among us wouldnt like a job just knitting all day long. That sounds like a dream to me. I did buy about $75 worth of yarn while at meijers. They have just a ton on clearance. I bought i think 9 skiens of one print to make a blanket for my mom. Hopefully i'll have time to get to it sometime before her birthday. I couldnt find my yarn for my new gilmore project last night so i worked on my felted bag. I will hunt it down in time for the next gg episode. I hope you all had a go at the new project.
So on to those Lovely Gilmores. I just love the episode that they aired last night. I posted some pics of my favs from that episode. Emily going to jail is just a classic. I think this is the one where i started to like chris again. Which i never thought would happen. lol.
talk to you all again soon. I should have some pics of the felted bag tomorrow.

Monday, December 25, 2006

I told ya!!!!! I'm no good at socks.

So here they are. I present them to you with my head held low. The first one i did is on the left. It was a little to big but i could still wear it. The new one is on the right. I did my decrease for the toe way way to soon. I think I have found the right formula for my foot. It is somewhere between the two.
I received most of my new items i won on ebay. the new yarn is amazing and all of the needles are sooo great.
I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. Mine was very busy. I was running around so much i almost forgot it was christmas all together. Plus here in ohio we usually have snow this time of year. This year was a green holiday and it was strange. It rained today. rained on christmas morning, how sad for my son who cant wait to make a snowball.
Well tomorrow starts all the after christmas sales and i'm hitting joann fabrics. they have lion brand wool for 1.99. I am also working on a felting project and will need a few more skeins to finish it. Oh and we cant forget the GG night. Yep another repeat but at least its a good one. Emily gets arrested. Who would of thought that one could ever happen. I still laugh when i think of lore in the police station taking pics. lol.
Well i'll be starting the new KAL project with tomorrows show. I call it my "Gilmore shawl". I think it looks like something that lore would have. Well i hope you all join me and dont forget to send me pics of all you favorite GG projects at
Meryy christmas and happy new year.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

so i'm not good at socks

Well, i did finish my noro scarf while watching tonights episode. i will always love the scene where layne tells zack about the baby. The way he ran out of the room is priceless. I think the only person who's response was better than zack was Mrs. Kim. I never thought she would be so happy about anything except a old chair. lol.
So back to the knitting. I will post the finished pics asap.
While teaching a friend to knit today i finished my second sock. It is not even close to the first one. It looks like i stole a sock from a lumberjack and a 12 yr old. I guess I need a bit of practice. lol.
Next week begins the new GG project shawl. This one will be a challenge as it is my first shawl.
New pics soon.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Forgot to mention

While making my christmas gift boxes i decided that it needed something else. I found a cute idea via a web page (which one i cant remember) and it talked about knitting with tullie. I decided that i would make some pot scrubbers with this. i tried to make flowers (by the way, this doesnt work well), so i decided to go with a simple square pattern. so it looks like a smaller version of the washcloth that will be in the box as well. I will make a few more and get some pics up for ya. I am now a fan of the knit tullie. It is a pain to cut it into strips but worth it and it's cheap. .99 a yard at jo-ann fabrics.
thanks all

toes will be warm tonight

I am almost done with my second sock ever... I am very excited. I think i wont have to use the pattern for the next one. I am trying to find a good price on dbl needles size 2 for a good price, no luck yet. I'd like to use the new yarn i just won on ebay for the next pair. I just think it will look so good as socks.

On the christmas front, well some things are being put on hold and some are going to have to go for birthdays instead. lol. I think we've all done it. well at least thats what i'm telling myself. lol.. I have about 10 dishclothes done, 6 scarves, and one kitchen towel. so many more to go.

On the GG front looks like another repeat. I will be watching and finishing my noro scarf. Next project was listed in prior post. I'm hopeing to get all materials this week for shawl. This will be my first shawl so i'm really excited and nervous about this one.
best stiches and best wishes

Saturday, December 16, 2006

amazing find!!!!!!!!!!!

I went out tonight to go to a movie with an old friend. She did a surprize stop at meijers. As usual i had to stop by the yarn area of the store just to see whats going on and whats for sale. WOW, eveything is on clearance. I bought a set of bamboo needles size 19, retail at 13.25 marked down to 3.97 and a pair of bamboo size 17, retail at 12.75 marked down to 3.82. I also snagged some N.Y yarn company I think it's called "fluff" for 1.75 which retails at I think 6.00? maybe. I couldnt believe the yarn on sale. I also won two ebay auctions today. One for 48 needles in different sizes and one for the most amazing 100% wool yarn, I got 10 balls which is normally 63.00, my cost with shipping, 23.30. I cant wait to get this one in the mail. here's a pic of the yarn and the needles i won today.

Friday, December 15, 2006

"cozy" next project.

My Gilmore Girls scarf will be finished while watching the next episode (is it tuesday yet!!). So I have choosen my next GG project. This was found on I love that site. I think i'm going to do this in colors from the show. Maybe lore's bedroom, lukes dinner, or maybe lore's living room (love that shade of yellow). I would love to see some of you join in on this project. It seems like a very easy pattern, one that you can zone out on and watch your favorite show. So here are the detail

Length: 67.5 inchesWidth: 18.75 inches

Reynolds Mandalay [100% silk; 98yds/88m per 50g skein]; color: #32 "oatfield"; 8 skeins
24-inch US #8/ 5mm circular needle Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

18 sts/20 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

[Knitty's list of standard abbreviations can be found here]
Feather Pattern (worked over multiple of 6 sts plus 1)Row 1: K1, [YO, k2tog tbl, k1, k2tog, YO, k1] to end.Row 2: P all sts.Row 3: K1, [YO, k1, sl1, k2tog, psso, k1, YO, k1] to end.Row 4: P all sts.Row 5: K1, [k2tog, YO, k1, YO, k2tog tbl, k1]Row 6: P all sts.Row 7: K2tog, [k1, YO, k1, YO, k1, sl1, k2tog, psso] to last 5 sts, k1, YO, k1, YO, k1, k2tog tbl.Row 8: P all sts.Rep Rows 1 through 8.

CO 85 sts.Work 3 rows in garter st.Switch to Feather Pattern and work in patt until piece measures approx. 67 inches, ending with Row 8.Work 3 rows in garter st. BO all sts.

Weave in ends. Block if desired.

thanks to the designer: Danielle Schoonover from Pennsylvania, I tried to contact danielle but was unable to find her. So if anyone knows her please let me know how to contact her.
thanks folks,

On hold.

With the list of christmas gifts to knit going up every day I have decided to put several of my projects on hold. I was working on two blankets, one was a log cabin blanket from the mason dixon book, the other a VW bug blanket for my cousin who is in love with the cars. To many dishcloths to make and sooo little time.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Found a sale

Hello all,
I went shopping today to find these boxes i need to finish off christmas gifts and i stumbled upon a sale. At jo ann fabrics all pink stickered items are an additional 50% off. That means the clearence yarn that was marked down to 3.00 is now only 1.50. I went a little crazy. lol. who wouldn't??
I am putting some boxes together with the washclothes, towels and dish soap that i mentioned last week. I found the boxes at hobby lobby for yet again 50% off. those were only 1.59 to begin with. I'm soooo happy.
pics coming when they are done and ready to go.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Need a little help from my friends

Totally of the subject of knitting or Gilmore Girls but i need some help.
I have something called Arnold Chiari Malformation. It is a rare brain disorder that causes your cerebellum to move down the hole in the base of the skull and into your neck. Basically my brain is to big for my head. I recently had a surgery called a decompression surgery. They made the hole in my skull bigger and took out part of my top vertibre. I'm feeling much better but there is no known cure so i could have to have this surgery many more times though out my life. So this is where you guys come in. I need people to sign a petition demanding funding for research. Little is known about this disorder and even less is known about how to care for us. Please go to this link and sign.
Even though it is considered rare more and more people are finding out they suffer from this too. Many doctors have never even heard of this and will tell people who have it that they are crazy and it's all a mental problem. Well it is real, very real for many people. please help. thanks so much mandie

for more info on chiari please go to

and dont forget about

Looks like a repeat.

Looks like a repeat tonight but i just cant wait, I'll be knitting. I have to finish my scarf.
christmas knitting is coming along very well. 3 scarves down and 3 to go. I dont even want to think about how many washclothes i've made or how many i have to go. I'll be doing little gift boxes for people. You know, those people you want to give something to but dont want to spend alot of money on ie. kids teacher, postman, hairdresser, doctore etc. I'm making them washclothes, kitchen towels (the ones the button over the handle of a drawer), a matching (color) dishsoap, and a funny little poem i found online. This will all go in a gift box together. It's small but made with love.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

on the christmas front

On the christms knitting front.

I was hired by several people to make their christmas gifts (simple scarves) and with my own gifts to make i have a work load ahead of me. I have to make at least 1 to 2 items a day to get everything done in time. I am making dishclothes, those little hand towels that button over your handles in the kitchen, blankets, scarves, and baby bibs, also a couple of hats. wow, i do believe i'm crazy. lol. Its lots of fun at least. I'll keep you posted. Hey let me know about your christmas knitting. thanks, mandie

Heres my lonely sock

It looks black in this pic but it's hunter green. Being that this is my first sock i didnt use a really nice yarn, just some stuff from wal-mart. I also used size 8 needles. I'll be getting some size 2 dpn this weekend. I've been working on and off on the other sock. My other foot is freezing. lol.

late entry about tuesdays show.

Dont get me wrong. I love everything about the GG, but I do have to say that i was not real impressed about the last show. Maybe it's because there was so much in the last episode but this one didnt really seem to go anywhere for me. I did think it was about time for the chris and luke fight. I loved how it was silent, i think that was the right choice. nothing needed to be said. The emily talk was pretty good too. OK so i'm wrong. Alot did happen. rory and logan fight, we got to see DULA ???, the chris/luke fight, more wedding plans, and more on the april court battle. I guess i know what i'll be watching tomorrow.

So as for the knitting. I ran out of that wonderful Norro yarn i was working with on my scarf so i moved onto a sock for this episode. Its simple yet functional. I'm very pleased with it. Now I wonder, can my poor little cold feet wait until next tuesday to get my second sock??? Ohio is getting pretty cold. Well pics will definately be posted tomorrow of the lonely sock. lol.

Again, sorry for the late post. I was hired to make several scarves for christmas and they just decided on the yarn they want, added two more to the order and choose the butterfly stitch. So my poor little hands are cramping as i type this to you now.

Once again I ask for all who are reading, send some pics of your latest work in progress, It doesnt have to be your GG work, I'm just feeling a bit vain posting just my work. lol
much love and many purl stitches

Saturday, December 2, 2006

Luke or chris, I cant decide

I rewatched the last episode of gilmore girls tonight. I just cant decide who i like lorellai with. Luke has so many good parts to him but the closed off ruff guy thing can only get you so far in a reletionship. Chris, well, of course they have history. Granted it was not always good history, but he does know her well.

I think i'm leaning toward chris. I like the way he challenges her and he can keep up in a conversation between lor and rory. Not many can do that. I'd like to hear what you all think. Is chris really that bad? Is Luke to hurt for another women? Who do you want her with, and why. Lets put it to the people.

Baby its cold outside..

I live in a very small town in ohio and this week has been sooo nice outside. I even took my son to the columbus zoo to see the christmas lights. Today the atmosphere got even with me for useing aerosal hairspray back in the day. This morning was around 63 degrees, by 4:30 it was down to 35 degrees. Thats ohio for ya. lol. I started a shawl today for a gift exchange i'm doing on a knit group on yahoo. This is my first shawl, I think i tried 6 different patterns before i found the one that i like. Now comes a new yarn. I bought some kid merino by crystal palace yarns. I'm just not happy with the patterns i've found for this wonderful yarn. so calling all knitters who have worked w/this yarn. please shed some light on this yarn before i give up and give this ball to a kitten. lol. Pics of new shawl coming tomorrow.