Thursday, December 28, 2006

i'm feeling guilty

ok, so tonight i went to meijers to use my gift card (which i forgot to use the other day on my yarn) and i decided to buy these new knit lite needles that i've heard so much about. They were not maked (a price) and i tried one of those self scanners they have around the store. That didnt work either. So I decided to buy them anyways. So i get to check out and the kid running the register cant figure out how much they cost so he said " um, I think they are 1 dollar". My jaw dropped. I said so if I go back and get the other size are you gonna charge me a dollar too. he said " as long as it doesnt ring up i will". so i am now the proud owner of one size 8 and two size 9 sets of knit lites at the amazing cost of 3.00 total. Retail at 15.95 each. WOW is karma gonna get me for that one. lol. I really didnt know until i got home and looked on the internet how much they really cost but i did know it was no dollar a piece.
I must say they are pretty cool. I used them in the car ride home and i felt like I was at some rave party or directing air traffic. they are very bright. I think you may even be able to read a pattern from the light these give off.
talk to you soon

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