Monday, December 18, 2006

toes will be warm tonight

I am almost done with my second sock ever... I am very excited. I think i wont have to use the pattern for the next one. I am trying to find a good price on dbl needles size 2 for a good price, no luck yet. I'd like to use the new yarn i just won on ebay for the next pair. I just think it will look so good as socks.

On the christmas front, well some things are being put on hold and some are going to have to go for birthdays instead. lol. I think we've all done it. well at least thats what i'm telling myself. lol.. I have about 10 dishclothes done, 6 scarves, and one kitchen towel. so many more to go.

On the GG front looks like another repeat. I will be watching and finishing my noro scarf. Next project was listed in prior post. I'm hopeing to get all materials this week for shawl. This will be my first shawl so i'm really excited and nervous about this one.
best stiches and best wishes

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