Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Looks like a repeat.

Looks like a repeat tonight but i just cant wait, I'll be knitting. I have to finish my scarf.
christmas knitting is coming along very well. 3 scarves down and 3 to go. I dont even want to think about how many washclothes i've made or how many i have to go. I'll be doing little gift boxes for people. You know, those people you want to give something to but dont want to spend alot of money on ie. kids teacher, postman, hairdresser, doctore etc. I'm making them washclothes, kitchen towels (the ones the button over the handle of a drawer), a matching (color) dishsoap, and a funny little poem i found online. This will all go in a gift box together. It's small but made with love.

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