Monday, December 25, 2006

I told ya!!!!! I'm no good at socks.

So here they are. I present them to you with my head held low. The first one i did is on the left. It was a little to big but i could still wear it. The new one is on the right. I did my decrease for the toe way way to soon. I think I have found the right formula for my foot. It is somewhere between the two.
I received most of my new items i won on ebay. the new yarn is amazing and all of the needles are sooo great.
I hope everyone had a wonderful christmas. Mine was very busy. I was running around so much i almost forgot it was christmas all together. Plus here in ohio we usually have snow this time of year. This year was a green holiday and it was strange. It rained today. rained on christmas morning, how sad for my son who cant wait to make a snowball.
Well tomorrow starts all the after christmas sales and i'm hitting joann fabrics. they have lion brand wool for 1.99. I am also working on a felting project and will need a few more skeins to finish it. Oh and we cant forget the GG night. Yep another repeat but at least its a good one. Emily gets arrested. Who would of thought that one could ever happen. I still laugh when i think of lore in the police station taking pics. lol.
Well i'll be starting the new KAL project with tomorrows show. I call it my "Gilmore shawl". I think it looks like something that lore would have. Well i hope you all join me and dont forget to send me pics of all you favorite GG projects at
Meryy christmas and happy new year.

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