Wednesday, December 20, 2006

so i'm not good at socks

Well, i did finish my noro scarf while watching tonights episode. i will always love the scene where layne tells zack about the baby. The way he ran out of the room is priceless. I think the only person who's response was better than zack was Mrs. Kim. I never thought she would be so happy about anything except a old chair. lol.
So back to the knitting. I will post the finished pics asap.
While teaching a friend to knit today i finished my second sock. It is not even close to the first one. It looks like i stole a sock from a lumberjack and a 12 yr old. I guess I need a bit of practice. lol.
Next week begins the new GG project shawl. This one will be a challenge as it is my first shawl.
New pics soon.

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