Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ok so i'm now addicted to clearance items,lol.

I went to wal mart tonight and they have all of their christmas stuff at 75% off. I bought this ribbon organizer for my wool yarn. I got it for I think $2.37. It is very nice. I'm working on another felted bag and need my yarn to stop getting tangled and this seemed perfect. I was able to fit 4 skiens in to it comfy. It doesnt catch the yarn or pull it to tight. I highly suggest getting one of these. I'm going back to walmart tomorrow to buy a few more for friends. I also suggest going to smaller cities when looking for after christmas sales. The walmart in my small town has a ton of stuff left but when going to a bigger town near by they barely had anything left.
Talk to you all tomorrow.
happy stitches and well wishes

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