Saturday, December 2, 2006

Luke or chris, I cant decide

I rewatched the last episode of gilmore girls tonight. I just cant decide who i like lorellai with. Luke has so many good parts to him but the closed off ruff guy thing can only get you so far in a reletionship. Chris, well, of course they have history. Granted it was not always good history, but he does know her well.

I think i'm leaning toward chris. I like the way he challenges her and he can keep up in a conversation between lor and rory. Not many can do that. I'd like to hear what you all think. Is chris really that bad? Is Luke to hurt for another women? Who do you want her with, and why. Lets put it to the people.


brandilion said...

I want her with Luke. Unfortunately it creates much less drama and hence good TV but I love Luke. I want Luke and since I can't have Luke I want to live vicariously through Lorelei. Luke, Luke, Luke... How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
1)scruffy is damn hot
2)handy around the house
3)good cook
4)looks great in flannel
etc, etc...
how many more times can I say Luke in this post?

mandie437 said...

ok good point. It would be nice to live through lorelai again. I think while she was with luke that she seemed to be the most comfortable that she has ever seemed (and yes i do know its only a tv show, lol). Have you watched the episode right before luke got married and lore bought him some nice clothes? WOW, he looked amazing. Yes the flannel is really nice but he cleans up well too.
I seem to be leaning toward luke after i saw the way christopher acted on the last episode.