Wednesday, December 27, 2006

love this show

I hope you all had a very merry christmas. I his some of the after christmas sales and was a little disapointed. I was hopeing to get lion brand wool and what i found was liion brand wool ease. Not the same for my felting project. I did buy a few skeins just to see if i like it. I finished the felting project tonight and am soooo in love with this bag i will be making a few more in the coming weeks. I'm sure once my cousin starts using this bag that she will have people asking where it came from. I'm hoping to be able to make some cash off of this addiction of mine someday. But then again who among us wouldnt like a job just knitting all day long. That sounds like a dream to me. I did buy about $75 worth of yarn while at meijers. They have just a ton on clearance. I bought i think 9 skiens of one print to make a blanket for my mom. Hopefully i'll have time to get to it sometime before her birthday. I couldnt find my yarn for my new gilmore project last night so i worked on my felted bag. I will hunt it down in time for the next gg episode. I hope you all had a go at the new project.
So on to those Lovely Gilmores. I just love the episode that they aired last night. I posted some pics of my favs from that episode. Emily going to jail is just a classic. I think this is the one where i started to like chris again. Which i never thought would happen. lol.
talk to you all again soon. I should have some pics of the felted bag tomorrow.


totalkyknitwit2007 said...

:( It seems I missed a good episode I couldn't stay awake, I fell asleep at 7ish and missed Gilmore Girls. Gah!

mandie437 said...

well, it was a repeat but a good one. Most of the ones i've missed i watched on you tube. you can find anything on there.