Thursday, February 19, 2009

oh sooo long

Alright, so I'm guilty of the one thing I hate the most about blogs, never writing new stuff. Well I've been out living life :)

I guess not too much has happened since august but now i'm totally addicted to coupon clipping. I started a bit of a group where I ship expired coupons overseas to moms on military bases and the place I worked at burnt down. See pics above.
Well josh is about to pass out and if I want to see him at all today I better sign off for tonight but I promise I will now be more active here, well if anyone is still reading I guess ;)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

super long post :)

Time for a long over due update. I have recently TOLD josh he is going to marry me. He no longer has a choice in the matter. LOL. We are talking about getting married in sept. of 2010. I wanted a mexican themed wedding, food, music, tequila :) etc. I want a party. So here are a few of the dresses i like. THe black one is the bridesmaid dress my sister has picked out. She has decided that she is planning the wedding, which is ok with me since she is sooo much more girly than i am. There are only a few things i am not letting her pick out. Food, music and what time the wedding starts. I am sooo not getting married in the afternoon, I want a late wedding. There is no way i'm getting up at like 8 am just to get my hair done. I'm thinking more like noon to get the hair done maybe like a 3 or 4 start time for the wedding ? who knows i have plenty of time to think about it and have plenty of time to loose some weight :( ))) That is my double chin behind the sad face LOLI found this one on ebay for like 350.00
THese are like 184.00 A little higher than i think they should be but hopefully they will go down my 2010
I'm not sure where i found this one but I loved how it would make me look a bit more busty and hide the belly.

I went to a garage sale this week and this is the amazing finds that i gathered. She was selling all her yarn for only .50 a skein. The first day i only had five dollars so I bought what i could then went back the next day and almost bought all the stuff she was selling.
Counting the first five and what i spent the second day my total was about $22 :)

She just gave me the crochet thread.

This is red heart, i think it will make a nice fall blanket. I love these colors together. one is like a rust color while the other is a light mustard yellow.
Baby pink. I never have a reason to buy pink but i have to get ready to make some more stuff for the foster care children so i thought it would be a good idea to have pink on hand.
My free crochet thread. :) YEAHHHHHH
This is the afghan i'm doing for the ravelympics. I am calling it spiderbaby because when it is done it will look like a spiderweb.
This is my someday baby blanket. Josh and I know we want to have another baby "someday" so i figured as long as it takes me to finish a afgahn i'd better get started on it now :)

The garage sale finds included her giving me this tote. I also purchased a bag a fiber fill, some quilting batting, and two pillow forms.

This is what i bought the first day. I bought just enough to do a baby boy blanket with the solid blue and the varigated blue yarn. I thought it would be cute in the star shape. Who knows what it will end up as :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OSU block O dishcloth pattern

My dear Josh helped me design this pattern for micah's principal for a end of the school year gift. He is a big OSU fan so here is our pattern for the OSU block O dishcloth pattern. Enjoy :)

I used sugar'n cream cotton yarn in red and size 7 needles


k4 rows in garter st

1-K all

2-K3, P35, k3

3-K all

4-K3, P35, K3

5- K all

6- K3, P10, K15, P10, K3

7- K11, P19, K11

8-K3, P7, K21, P7, K3

9- K9, P23, K9

10-K3, P5, K25, P5, K3

11-K7, P27, K7

12-K3, P3, K29, P3, K3

13-K5, P11, K9, P11 ,K5

14- K3, P2, K10, P11, K10, P2, K3

15-K5, P9, K12 P9, K5

16- K3, P2, K9, P12, K9, P2, K3


40- K5, P9, K13, P9, K5

41- K3, P2, K10, P11, K10, P2, K3

42-K5, P11, K9, P11, K5

43- K3, P3, K29, P3, K3

44-K7, P27, K7

45- K3, P5, K25, P5, K3

46- K9, P23, K9

47- K3, P7, K21, P7, K3

48- K11, P19, K11

49- K3, P10, K15, P10, K3

50- K ALL

51- K3, P35, K3

52- K ALL

53- K3, P35, K3



Friday, April 18, 2008


Well to all of you who have been there for me and stood by me with words of encouragement or prayers i want to thank you. I got the call from my doctor yesterday and he says that I'm stable. He does not think that i have lymphoma. I will have a follow up appointment on April 30th but right now al is looking good.
I do have to get another MRI on Sunday to see if I am having seizures but I'm not too worried about that yet. SO here we go with another wait and see game :)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

you have to try these

Mexican crepes:
We had some left over tortilla's after making taco's and decided to figure out how to make a dessert out of them.
They are super yummy, fast and cheap to make.
This is all you need:
1 pack of cream cheese
1/2 cup of powered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 pack of 10" flour tortillas
1 egg (optional)
and what ever you want to use to top dessert when done.
mix cream cheese, sugar and vanilla
place mix in a strip in the center of a tortilla
roll like a burrito (roll in the sides of tortilla)
at the flap you can use the egg as follows:
beat egg and brush on the flap of the tortilla like a glue to hold together
You could also use water to do this.
Place rolled tortilla in a pan of heated Crisco on the stove (med. high heat)
Use tongs to place in oil
leave in oil for 1-2 min. until brown then flip.
Once other side is browned you can do several things:
Sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar, powdered sugar etc
top with fresh fruit, melted chocolate or jam
This is so fast and sooooooooo yummy
Let me know if you try this recipe out I'd love to hear what you think.
much love

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bored? bake some cookies :)

Well we had a great spring break. Because of all the wonderful snow we had here this winter spring break was only three weekdays long. It was a big yucky on a couple of the days for micah to go out and play so we decided to make cookies.
The first pic is of our Cool Whip cookies. They are sooo easy and super yummy. The next pic is of Galaxy cookies. They are fun and fast.
I signed up with the web site they have everything you could ever want to make. They also allow you to have your own recipe box on their web site so you can always find what you are looking for. This is where i found the cool whip cookie recipe.
It called for lemon cake mix but we are more of a chocolate family :)
The galaxy cookies came from my moms betty crocker cook book from the 60's. I tried to make these when i was in girl scouts a long long time ago for a baking contest and i failed horribly. I vowed i would remake these cookies the right way some day and I did. Well we did, my son wanted them to be green cookies and i wanted pink so i got the frosting and he got his green cookies. What team work :)
It was a great couple of family days for us. I learn something new about them everyday.
more picks coming soon of my new knitting project :)
best wishes and happy stitches

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

fingers crossed

With everything going on with me medically we (josh and i) were hoping for a little ray of sunlight in the form of a promotion for him at work. Well after 5 interviews and two weeks of waiting josh found out that the most unqualified of them three canidates got the job. AHHHHHHHHH. We were really counting on that pay raise. Like most of the country our bills are growing fast and it just feels like there is no end in sight. I don't know what else to do. As soon as i get my test results back we are going to know what our next move is. I know that i most likely will not be going back to work but we have to find a better solution than what we are doing now.
I've been watching what we spend, no dinners out, no movies, i clip coupons like a mad women, i don't know what else i can do to help us out. Selling on ebay is going ok but not the numbers i need to see to help josh with the bills.
Well keep your fingers crossed on this matter and add us to your prayers cuz this road is getting really bumpy.
best wishes and happy stitches

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It just keeps getting worse

During this god forsaken weather i have kept myself busy with lots of knitting. I will be able to finish the scarf seen above today. This is my summer skinny scarf. I loved the blend of the ribbon yarn with the mohair accents.
The other project is a pair of pedi socks for my sister. I think she will love them. I am making them with lion brand wool in olive green and a purple/blue color. THis pic does not do the color justice.

This is a view from my son's window of the neighbors yard. Late last night it was very slushy outside but not too much in the way of ice. Today however there is a huge layer of ice everywhere.

The tops of the trees are sagging with the weight of the ice. We had a few power outages last night too.

Even though it is sooo cold and gross outside it is still very beutiful to look at. I love the way these bushes look in my neighbors yard.

I am waiting for our power to go out at anytime. Just take a look at these wires coming off of our house. They are getting thicker and thicker. If we get anymore ice today these things are going to break. We also have alot of flooding too. The sandusky river is way way over it's banks and has flooded the local park and golf course.

This is my driveway last night. It is one huge sheet of ice. I really wanted to go walking around on it. :)

This is my Josh. He is cleaning off the back porch but first he had to break all the ice off of the shovel. Poor guy, he had to wear micah's gloves, We couldn't find his work gloves.

This has been a crazy weather week and it is just getting worse. Micah didn't have school today. He is soo happy but to bad it is so nasty outside he can't go out and play. We are watching the princess bride on HBO. He has never seen it and I just love passing on my wonderful movie knowledge. I want him to watch Annie. He loved the laybinth and he loves Star Wars. So far he is so into Princess Bride. We tried to let him watch Robin Hood Men in Tights but we quickly realized that it was a bit too grown up for him.
He recently started watching the Jetson's and the Flinestones.
Well i'm off to watch the movie with my boy and finish the pedi sock.
Best wishes and happy stitches.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh this ohio weather :(

So two days ago it was nice enough outside that my son was able to get his bike out of the garage and go play with his neighborhood friends. Today is a whole different story. It started to rain last night, that rain has since turned into a nice layer if ice and now we have snow, ice and sleet.

The picture above is of the lines going from the house to the garage, they have about a half inch layer of ice around them.

This pic was taken from my son's room, that is not rain on the window, it is a layer of ice

Again a picture from my son's window. This is all ice. School was put on a two hour delay this morning and some town's nearby even sent the children home early. Not our school though :(

There is more on the way.

Today was also the presidential primary's voting in Ohio. I'm sure this weather hurt the voter turn out a bit.
I was able to talk my mother into voting, she really didn't want to leave the house.

I voted and have my sticker now :)

I guess i will keep mum about who i voted for but let me just say. May the best MAN win HEHEHE, hint hint ;)

I actually did research on this round of voting and watched several of the debates. I was amazed at how much slander goes on via the internet. People are really passionate about who they want to win and i don't personally ever remember a time in my almost 30 years of life where so many young people were this excited about voting and the election.
I'm very happy that they finally realize they have a say and not just with what they put on a t-shirt.

Well on the knitting front.

I have started my summer skinny scarf. I made this with two yarns blended together. One is berroco glace in a deep red almost wine color and the other is a verigated fuzzy green mohair. I can't remember who made this yarn as i lost the label many months ago. I think it is coming out wonderfully. I'm making it in a K2, P2 rib stitch.

Best wishes and happy stitches

Monday, March 3, 2008

Brand new stitch markers, super cute!!!

Hey all,

I have been working on soooo many knitting projects but i have taken some time out recently to work on my stitch markers. They have been selling like hot cakes on ebay so i figured i better keep up with the demand :)

above are some pictures of my new creations.
All of the makers above can been seen on ebay.

Best wishes and happy stitches