Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bored? bake some cookies :)

Well we had a great spring break. Because of all the wonderful snow we had here this winter spring break was only three weekdays long. It was a big yucky on a couple of the days for micah to go out and play so we decided to make cookies.
The first pic is of our Cool Whip cookies. They are sooo easy and super yummy. The next pic is of Galaxy cookies. They are fun and fast.
I signed up with the web site they have everything you could ever want to make. They also allow you to have your own recipe box on their web site so you can always find what you are looking for. This is where i found the cool whip cookie recipe.
It called for lemon cake mix but we are more of a chocolate family :)
The galaxy cookies came from my moms betty crocker cook book from the 60's. I tried to make these when i was in girl scouts a long long time ago for a baking contest and i failed horribly. I vowed i would remake these cookies the right way some day and I did. Well we did, my son wanted them to be green cookies and i wanted pink so i got the frosting and he got his green cookies. What team work :)
It was a great couple of family days for us. I learn something new about them everyday.
more picks coming soon of my new knitting project :)
best wishes and happy stitches

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