Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OSU block O dishcloth pattern

My dear Josh helped me design this pattern for micah's principal for a end of the school year gift. He is a big OSU fan so here is our pattern for the OSU block O dishcloth pattern. Enjoy :)

I used sugar'n cream cotton yarn in red and size 7 needles


k4 rows in garter st

1-K all

2-K3, P35, k3

3-K all

4-K3, P35, K3

5- K all

6- K3, P10, K15, P10, K3

7- K11, P19, K11

8-K3, P7, K21, P7, K3

9- K9, P23, K9

10-K3, P5, K25, P5, K3

11-K7, P27, K7

12-K3, P3, K29, P3, K3

13-K5, P11, K9, P11 ,K5

14- K3, P2, K10, P11, K10, P2, K3

15-K5, P9, K12 P9, K5

16- K3, P2, K9, P12, K9, P2, K3


40- K5, P9, K13, P9, K5

41- K3, P2, K10, P11, K10, P2, K3

42-K5, P11, K9, P11, K5

43- K3, P3, K29, P3, K3

44-K7, P27, K7

45- K3, P5, K25, P5, K3

46- K9, P23, K9

47- K3, P7, K21, P7, K3

48- K11, P19, K11

49- K3, P10, K15, P10, K3

50- K ALL

51- K3, P35, K3

52- K ALL

53- K3, P35, K3




Anonymous said...

Very Nice!...Is it red(scarlet or ornage...the pic looks very orange...maybe i need to adjust my screen

mandie437 said...

Yes it is red. I don't think the pic shows the color very well but it was either show good color or a good shot of the block O. :( couldn't find a way to have them both with my little camera.

Candice said...

Someone needs to update... you know, when you get your computer working properly again :)

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