Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh this ohio weather :(

So two days ago it was nice enough outside that my son was able to get his bike out of the garage and go play with his neighborhood friends. Today is a whole different story. It started to rain last night, that rain has since turned into a nice layer if ice and now we have snow, ice and sleet.

The picture above is of the lines going from the house to the garage, they have about a half inch layer of ice around them.

This pic was taken from my son's room, that is not rain on the window, it is a layer of ice

Again a picture from my son's window. This is all ice. School was put on a two hour delay this morning and some town's nearby even sent the children home early. Not our school though :(

There is more on the way.

Today was also the presidential primary's voting in Ohio. I'm sure this weather hurt the voter turn out a bit.
I was able to talk my mother into voting, she really didn't want to leave the house.

I voted and have my sticker now :)

I guess i will keep mum about who i voted for but let me just say. May the best MAN win HEHEHE, hint hint ;)

I actually did research on this round of voting and watched several of the debates. I was amazed at how much slander goes on via the internet. People are really passionate about who they want to win and i don't personally ever remember a time in my almost 30 years of life where so many young people were this excited about voting and the election.
I'm very happy that they finally realize they have a say and not just with what they put on a t-shirt.

Well on the knitting front.

I have started my summer skinny scarf. I made this with two yarns blended together. One is berroco glace in a deep red almost wine color and the other is a verigated fuzzy green mohair. I can't remember who made this yarn as i lost the label many months ago. I think it is coming out wonderfully. I'm making it in a K2, P2 rib stitch.

Best wishes and happy stitches

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