Saturday, December 16, 2006

amazing find!!!!!!!!!!!

I went out tonight to go to a movie with an old friend. She did a surprize stop at meijers. As usual i had to stop by the yarn area of the store just to see whats going on and whats for sale. WOW, eveything is on clearance. I bought a set of bamboo needles size 19, retail at 13.25 marked down to 3.97 and a pair of bamboo size 17, retail at 12.75 marked down to 3.82. I also snagged some N.Y yarn company I think it's called "fluff" for 1.75 which retails at I think 6.00? maybe. I couldnt believe the yarn on sale. I also won two ebay auctions today. One for 48 needles in different sizes and one for the most amazing 100% wool yarn, I got 10 balls which is normally 63.00, my cost with shipping, 23.30. I cant wait to get this one in the mail. here's a pic of the yarn and the needles i won today.

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