Thursday, December 7, 2006

late entry about tuesdays show.

Dont get me wrong. I love everything about the GG, but I do have to say that i was not real impressed about the last show. Maybe it's because there was so much in the last episode but this one didnt really seem to go anywhere for me. I did think it was about time for the chris and luke fight. I loved how it was silent, i think that was the right choice. nothing needed to be said. The emily talk was pretty good too. OK so i'm wrong. Alot did happen. rory and logan fight, we got to see DULA ???, the chris/luke fight, more wedding plans, and more on the april court battle. I guess i know what i'll be watching tomorrow.

So as for the knitting. I ran out of that wonderful Norro yarn i was working with on my scarf so i moved onto a sock for this episode. Its simple yet functional. I'm very pleased with it. Now I wonder, can my poor little cold feet wait until next tuesday to get my second sock??? Ohio is getting pretty cold. Well pics will definately be posted tomorrow of the lonely sock. lol.

Again, sorry for the late post. I was hired to make several scarves for christmas and they just decided on the yarn they want, added two more to the order and choose the butterfly stitch. So my poor little hands are cramping as i type this to you now.

Once again I ask for all who are reading, send some pics of your latest work in progress, It doesnt have to be your GG work, I'm just feeling a bit vain posting just my work. lol
much love and many purl stitches


brandilion said...

oh my god i just found this. can i join? can i knit while I watch gilmore girls? i am way behind in episodes and watching prior seasons on DVDs from netflix. Soon I will be leaving the country soon until february, but i sooo wanna be a part of this when i am stateside.

I missed the knitathon episode, but found it on and am gonna watch it tonight when I get home.


brandilion said...

ps it is doula; a birthing coach.

mandie437 said...

thank you so much for the comments. Yes, yes, yes to your question. Please knit while you watch. I decided not to have people knit a certim pattern because i was tired of looking at pics of the same projects from different people on other KAL's. I love pics to post so send them as soon as you get them. Also, thanks for the spelling correction. I knew the was a birthing coach but spelling is sooo not my strong point. Any questions you can email me directly. thanks, mandie