Saturday, December 2, 2006

Baby its cold outside..

I live in a very small town in ohio and this week has been sooo nice outside. I even took my son to the columbus zoo to see the christmas lights. Today the atmosphere got even with me for useing aerosal hairspray back in the day. This morning was around 63 degrees, by 4:30 it was down to 35 degrees. Thats ohio for ya. lol. I started a shawl today for a gift exchange i'm doing on a knit group on yahoo. This is my first shawl, I think i tried 6 different patterns before i found the one that i like. Now comes a new yarn. I bought some kid merino by crystal palace yarns. I'm just not happy with the patterns i've found for this wonderful yarn. so calling all knitters who have worked w/this yarn. please shed some light on this yarn before i give up and give this ball to a kitten. lol. Pics of new shawl coming tomorrow.

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