Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just a little good news today

Today i received the green light to go ahead with a charity i'm trying to start in my home town. I read about Warm up america and loved the idea that everything that you make can stay in your community. I live in a town much like stars hollow, where everyone knows your name. We like to help everyone but we really like taking care of our locals. After explaining what i want to do to a local pastor he gave me complete access to his church, he's letting me put something in the church bullitin. I called our local Job and family services and asked them who could use some hand made blankets. They said that foster children and children who are wards of the state have so little that belongs to only them. These children are going to be receiving some blankets very soon. What i'm hopeing to do is add a twist to the program. I'd like to do a blanket in a bag program. Every blanket that is sent to the children would be sent to them in a suitcase or large duffel bag. Most of these children move from home to home with a few belongings in a garbage bag. I think this would be a nice touch but will take a bit more work than I have thought out.
Just thought i'd share the good news.
much love

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totalkyknitwit2007 said...

I'm starting up a "Knitting 4 Charity" program at my school and we're doing some "Warm Up America!" crafts. The blanket in a bag sounds like a really great idea. Good luck.