Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Now i remember why i didnt like chris

Tonights repeat episode was about rory getting jelous of logans new female co worker and lore dealing with christophers decsion to send Gigi to paris with a 25 yr old nanny to visit a mother she hasnt seen in two yrs. well thats the short version. I just couldnt believe christophers reaction to lore when they went to the restroom at her parents home. Here she is explaining herself and saying she's sorry, she's not threatned by sherry, and he had to go be mean about it. I know there was a happing ending for the show but I knew there was a reason i didnt like him, I just couldnt remember why. lol.
So as for the shawl, I did start it tonight. well at least tried to. ATTENTION ALL, DO NOT TRY THE SHAWL IN RECYCLED SARI YARN. I was so excited to start this pattern and i really thought it would look nice in my new yarn. I just have never worked with the sari yarn and didnt know how stiff it is when you first get it. So I'll be working for the next hour in a new yarn to get to where i left off (before it was ripped out).
The pic above is the new purse that if finished today. I will be doing some felting tomorrow. The straps will go on tomorrow as well. After i finished the VW bug purse I have been hit with a few orders for the purse with different pics on the front.

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