Wednesday, January 3, 2007

New episodes coming soon!!!!

Get ready, Jan 23rd starts the new episodes of gilmore girls. I cant wait. While i do love all the shows old and new it will be nice to get to the story line. GO LUKE!!!
talk to ya soon


debbie said...

we've just gotten cw here in hawaii so i've been watching the reruns ready to resume with you all when new episodes start....this whole thing with luke, lorelai and christopher is like a big bad dream - i'm waiting for lorelai to wake up with luke by her side (sigh)....

mandie437 said...

your not alone sister,lol. I was pro christopher for a while but the long and short of it is that i miss luke. I loved how they seemed to balance each other. his is the ying to her yang. That would make for a good final episode (heavens forbid) lorelai waking up next to luke on their honeymoon.