Tuesday, January 30, 2007

simply amazing

That was one of the best episodes i have seen in a long time. The only other thing they could of cramed into that show is if layne went into labor. I mean come on, that was jam packed full of goodness. Luke winning some real dad time, chris finding the letter and taking off, sookie is preg. w/ the help of jackson not getting fixed and lying about it, richard having a heart attack (at least they lead us to believe that is what it is), and rory and lucy making up. I wondered how they were going to make sookie preg. melissa mcCarthy, the actress who plays sookie st.james is expecting her first child. They had jackson go get fixed after martha was born so i was wondering how they would work it into the show.

Contest update, i am currently working on a smaller version of the scarf (suggested pattern by z's momma) and i will have enough of it done by tonight to see if we have a winner. So if that is true i will post a detailed version of the pattern on the blog for all to give the second part of the contest a go. so please check back tomorrow and see if it is time to break out the yarn.

P.S. GO LUKE !!!!!

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Mari said...

I had to write about GG as soon as it ended too! What an excellent episode. I had almost given up on them because it had started to get boring, but not tonight, baby!!