Sunday, January 7, 2007

GO TO AUCTIONS!!!!!!!!!!

I have a aunt how goes to a local auction house about two times a month. I told her a while back to keep an eye out for knitting supplies for me. Well, it all paid off this weekend. They had some left overs from an estate sale and i was luckey that the former owner had good taste in yarn. I have not counted them all yet but what i have found so far is amazing. When my aunt called me she told me they had two suit cases full of yarn, one small and one large. I told her to go around ten bucks. She ended up going 25 but it was worth is. She also got a knit stand that was filled with needles, patterns, and a set of boye interchangeable needles (part of seen above) and all the pieces were still there. The really good yarn i have found is several hanks of 100% wool all of the same lot #, 3 balls of yellow 100% mohair, 1 skien of 100% virgin wool, and about 10 small skiens of "sears" (yes sears) 100% wool yarn, this stuff from sears is like a mini skien, it doesn't even have yardage listed. It does say on the back that it is recommended by Lois holmes of california (not sure who that is yet, but i'll do some research). Oh and the mohair is from Lazarus, I found a receipt in the bag for that. She bought 8 balls of 100% mohair from them and with tax paid 12.38. I'm sure a hefty sum at the time but really makes me wish she would of bought more of it.
Well sorry i haven't writen much this weekend, but on a personal note, my sons paternal great grandfather passed away thursday and now micah's (my son) had bronchitis and i'm trying to make sure micah stays healthy enough for the funeral on tuesday.

On the gilmore front, I decided with the funeral and (sounds heartless) the OSU game on tuesday i will not be able to watch GG. Since it will be a repeat anyways i poped in my box set and watched a old show to do my knitting by. I have to say i love the way the shawl is working up, simple yet looks like your a pro when you look at it. I decided to do it in a 100% wool called "melody" from jojoland yarn. It is a wonderful orange and green blend. I should get some pics of my progress posted this week.

On last thing. I was in a swap this year for christmas and loved it. I also saw several coffee, chocolate and tea swaps having to do w/ knitting. I thought it would be fun and in true GG style to do one next christmas or for our birthday's but having to do with either junk food or coffee since lore and rory survive mainly on the two of those. Please give me a comment or a email and let me know what you guys think,
Tell me either, christmas or our birthday's
coffee or junk food (ie: poptarts, malamars, sweet tarts, licorice, cheetos, etc.)
my email is and please subject it gilmore girls kal I have a bad habit of delateing things from folks i dont know. lol.
thanks mandie

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