Wednesday, January 24, 2007

loved the show, didnt it feel like a year since we've seen the

Hello all. I just loved the show tonight. It was driving my poor son crazy because he had to go ask daddy for the things he wanted to ask me for. As some of you may know i am soooo pro luke and tonight just confirmed my suspicions that lor would fall for him as he battles for april.
I think chris is just going to invade too much of her space and the way she is used to running her life. I also think at some point she will get jelous of how he is there for Gigi but was not for rory.

Also could they have made layne look anymore like a thanksgiving turkey. Poor thing must be dieing under all that padding. lol.
All in all it was worth the wait, but i am starting to feel like i am watching a soap ie: passions etc.
with all this back in forth with luke and chris.
It was nice to seem some old faces IE: mrs. kim and sebation bach (guy from band).
love them all.


Tim King said...

Yeah, Lorelai seeing Luke with April and what he's doing for April, that all must have reminded her of how he was always there for Rory. And that's bound to get Christopher riled up.


mandie437 said...

I know and i cant wait. I know i shouldn't be so evil about chris getting mad but i just love luke so much. It was great to see rory and luke talking about all the unicorn stuff he used to buy her. I almost forgot what a father figure he was for rory.