Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Knit, people, knit

Such a good episode. Have I mentioned that I love this show. At this point in the show i still loved christopher, but Luke will always win in my heart. Did you all see the commercials for the next new episode???? It looks really good. I do love it when chris says "I'm in a forest of crazy". I think that is a really good phrase for the gilmore home. lol. I'll have pics up tomorrow of the Gilmore Girls Shawl that i'm working on.

On a personal note my little boy is turning 7 tomorrow. I feel soooo old. I always cry on his birthday and tomorrow will be no exception. Any mom out there i'm sure can relate, It all goes soooo fast. It feels like just yesterday that i was changeing diapers. His father and I decided to pick on him a little bit and we wrapped all his gifts and set them out in the living room like it is christmas, just so he can shake them and beg to open them. lol. He got to choose what he wanted for his birthday dinner tomorrow and he picked chicken fingers and mega pizza rolls. Friday i think we are eating salad for dinner after all the junk we will be eating tomorrow. lol. so here is the birthday boy.



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