Tuesday, January 9, 2007

sooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

As you may know I'm from a very small town in ohio. My beloved buckeyes just got their butts kicked by florida. I am not a gators fan but have to say that they played a amazing game. I just sooo sad that our perfect season had to end this badly. On yet another personal note (just so i can vent for a moment). I went to my son's great grandfathers viewing tonight and i have never ever seen such a display of disrespect from family. His name is vernon and he only had two children, 4 grandchildren, and one great grandchild (my son). As i walk up to see him i notice that the flowers on top of the casket only say "brother & uncle" his greedy nephew came in when he got sick and was able to talk him into signing over power of attorney. So it almost seems like he didnt even had children. I really dont care if they collect on the four life ins. policies he had, take over his home, or even take his stamp and coin collection but what i do care about is that his children, grandchildren, and great grandchild get the respect that they deserve. I was just sick when i saw the flowers and found out that the greedy nephew gave vernons car to his daughter, he's not even in the ground yet and they are going thru things like a pac of wolves. I called the florist right away (after seeing the flowers on the casket) and had him bring up a pillow with red roses that read, father, grandfather and great grandfather. It is now in the casket next to his head. I know that karma will help in all of this, i guess if they need his things this bad the right thing to do would be to just let them have it. I personally am sick by the whole thing.
Sorry for venting but thanks for letting me

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