Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am now entering the world of employment

Hello all,
Yes i got the job. I start on thursday so now the real challange begins. I will have to figure out how exactly i'm going to jugle motherhood, full time job and full time school. Oh when will i knit. I will find a way. I am very excited about this new postion, the pay could be better but it's better than the nothing i'm making now.

I have few pics for ya. first is a trial run of the pic i'm gonna enter for the knitty.com calendar contest. They want you to knit one of the patterns off their web site then photo it and if your pic wins it will be in the 2008 knitty calendar.

I borrowed my cousins son to model a pink tart hat. i think i may need to find a younger baby. I think he looks a bit to old for the idea I had in my head.

This is baby aidan

the next bunch of pics is from our family day out. we had a picnic at the town resevour then got some sparklers and had a bit of fun with those.

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