Sunday, March 11, 2007

baby sweater on its way.

I have way to many projects to count at this point. The one i'm enjoying the most right now is a baby sweater ive been working on for a while. I have promised the pics so here they are. I'll be done with two handbags and two sets of fingerless gloves by the end of this week. Hopefully the baby sweater by the weekend. i hope you like it. I'll post pics of the other projects when they are done.

thanks all

happy stitches and best wishes


P.S... i almost forgot. I wanted to post a couple pics of a painting my sons grandfather has painted of him. I'll post the original pic and the painting. I can believe he does this amazing work from just a picture.


Jessica said...

This is your sister. I am afraid that you are addicted not only to knitting but also to Gilmore Girls. Why can't you be addicted to giving me money or something like that?? I would not say a word if that was your addiction! Just bored and thought I would leave a comment.

mandie437 said...

see what i think is funny is that you are neither a avid knitter nor a gilmore girls fan yet here you are on a blog that is about both of those topics. now you must be really bored. Also i didnt hear you complain about my hobby when you asked me to knit you a handbag the other day. see there are perks to having a knitter in the family. lol. luv ya