Sunday, March 18, 2007

st paddys day save

Not being a real big person on the topic of st. paddys day i completely forgot it was today. I had promised my son that his father and i would take him up to bowling green (which is about an hour away) to visit his grandpa. On the way up there my son decided it was time to give mom a nice big pinch on my arm. Ouch. I was not wearing any green. Lucky for me i happened to have some green yarn in my "knitting bag" that i brought with me. I quickly knit up a hair tie in I-cord. I'm happy to say that i did not get another pinch the rest of the day. I'll post some pics tomorrow to show you all my "life saving" green yarn. lol.

Happy St. Patricks Day

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Tim King said...

I also forgot St. Patrick's day. When I went to pick out clothes to wear, I started with a white T-shirt. But I decided that was too bland to wear with the jeans I had picked out. And I didn't feel like wearing a button-down shirt over it. So I went to the next T-shirt, which just happened to be bright green.

That's lucking out!