Thursday, March 22, 2007

projects in the work

Hello all,

I am holding my breath waiting for a new gilmore girls. On the knitting front i'm currently working on several items. Here are some pics for ya.

This will be a felted Ohio State Buckeyes handbag. I will do a duplicate stitch over the top of it before i felt it.

The boys high school basketball team in my home town have made it to the state final four. They play in columbus tonight and i'm taking my son to the game. Our colors are orange and black so i need a scarf to show my "school spirit".

I paid a visit to my new favorite yarn store in columbus ohio the other day. Knitters mercantile has everything i have ever wanted in a yarn store. I picked up the yukon print to make a cable handbag like my green one i posted on here. I'll be making it for my baby sister. I picked up the hempethy black hemp yarn to make handles for a "bob marley" handbag i'm going to felt and the cascade was on sale so i just couldnt pass it up. I'm thinking about making the scarf that brani posted on here, the branching out scarf. I think these colors would make a perfect spring item, but please suggestions are always welcome. when i get new yarn i never know what to do with it. The women at the store was helping me look for yarn and she asked me what i was making. I had to laugh when she gave me a look to my response. I told her i didnt know, i said, " i'm a bit of a collector, i never buy more then one skein of the same color or brand". she looked at me like i had just commited a cardinal sin of knitting. lol..
Of course i'm still working on that baby sweater, but at least i'm getting ready to put it together.
then i have the crochet afghan for grandma (who is doing very well now). and random small projects like a head band for a friend. a head band for me. and my last attempt at a felting project for a friend.
Best wishes all.

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