Sunday, March 18, 2007

great day for photos

Today was a very busy day for me. It started with me, my son and his grandma going to the local hospital to take part in a wonderful program called the "teddy bear clinic". At this event children can bring in a stuffed animal to tour the hospital so that way if the child is ill the hospital wont seem like such a scary place. They also get to give their animal a fake shot and bandage them up. Micah had so much fun.
Afterwards my sister jess, my cousin candee and I went to the local park to take some pics. It was a bit cold but the lighting was so nice we had to go. Locally we have had a ton of rain so the park was a bit flooded but it made for a fun day. we also had a chance to go visit a friends grave site and we found some amazing statues. I just feel such a sense of peace at cemetaries. Strange i know. I stoped by a locally "famous" tombstone. I'll post the pic of this famous headstone, check out the date on it. No one really knows why this date is the way it is, whether it is a misprint/typo from the carver etc. they are not really sure.
On the knitting front i am finishing up a friends purse, this time i have to get the pattern right, i'm running out of that yarn.


my st. paddys day hair tie

my little sister jess

one of the many statues we found at the cemetary

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