Thursday, March 8, 2007

what no baby pics???

I was so happy that poor layne had the babies but i really thought they would show more of it. I couldnt believe that they didnt even show the babies pics. That would of been a great ending to the show. I guess i was pretty happy with how it did turn out. I think it is nice that lore walk in her moms shoes for a while. I like the fact that she is finally saying she is sorry for walking away with rory all those years ago. So i must say "i'm sorry" as well, i have been trying to get around to post the pics of my first ever sweater and i've been soooo sick i havent done it yet. I went to the docs today and he told me i have tonsilitis and laryngitis. I'm having trouble talking, swallowing, well just about everything. I've had a bit of a fever too. so i'm done here tonight, i'm going to go crawl back under my pile of blankets and shiver and not swallow. i'm on meds now so i should be feeling well enough to get those pics up soon.

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