Friday, March 2, 2007

Programming the VCR

So last week, I programmed the VCR but didn't know it had to be turned off to work. This week however I figured it out. I was so excited when I came home and there was something on the tape I sat down right then to watch it.

Didn't that episode feel like they were starting to close things up? I finished the episode depressed. Something about it just felt like the beginning of the end and I don't like it one bit.

I also got season 6 disc 2 from Netflix this week and watched three episodes last night. One of them was Rory's 21st birthday party, back when she was not going to Yale, living in the Pool House and not speaking to her mother. It was so sad to see. I hated that Rory didn't know about Paul Anka or the hole in Lore's house. I know they get fixed eventually, but still. So Gilmore Girls has been leaving me depressed lately.

I have been finishing some projects pictures will follow this weekend.

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