Saturday, July 28, 2007

a ghost at the office.

This is morgan and kristin on the top (unused)floor of our office building. Look inbetween them and in the background. You will see a very bright circle. This was not on the floor.
Again, Morgan (showing her growing baby belly) on the top floor of our office. You will see a bright circle on her sleeve.

This one is plain to see. There is nothing on the wall by this light. The electric is shut off on this floor (4th floor) and is only used for storage. I actually took this before i walked into the room. I put my camera around the corner and snapped a pic.

Kristin by my desk. she told me to take this. SHe said she felt like if she put up her hands i would see something above her head.

The people in the office call the ghost "Bob". We just happened to be talking about him when i took this pic.

This was the first one i took. I could not believe what i saw. none of us saw anything with the naked eye.
I guess they have called in paranormal investigaters before. I don't know what they found but i'm thinking about leaving a tape recorder on my desk over night, just to see what i can find.
Well i hope i didnt scare you to much.
Best wishes and happy stitches


Susan said...

That is sooooo freaky!
Does it bother you at all? Very strange.....I'm glad you had the hilarious post below to get my mind off of the creepy lights @ your office ;)
Have fun @ the concert...You definately earned those tix!

mandie437 said...

It doesn't bothet me at all to work with a ghost around. My house is a bit haunted so i'm used to it.
Glad you had a good time listening to my terror. everyone loved it at work. lol. People still think i was fakeing it but i'm really scared of the darn things.

RC said...

yikes...i would try using another camera next time.