Sunday, July 15, 2007

New cousin, Sad day.

As some of you may remember a few months ago my son's cousin was murdered in Wyoming. Well his girlfriend was preg. at the time of his death.

Well she had the baby. A wonderful little girl named Alexia Micheal. After her father. I thought that was so sweet. She looks alot like him. well here she is.
Welcome to the world baby Alexia. We all love you.
This is such a bitter sweet moment. We are all so happy that she is here and she is a healthy baby but it is so sad that her daddy couldn't be here. It just brings up so many feelings from his death. I cant get over how much she looks like him.
I'll be sending her lots of knitted items.
She will look so cute in the berry tart hat. he he.
My MRI's went well. I wont know until the 30th what the results are but I'm just glad they are over. I was in that machine for 2 hours. I've gained a bit of weight since my surgery and if you have ever been in an MRI machine you know that there is not a whole lot of room in that tunnel. I told a friend of mine that i wish i had a picture taken of me because I'm sure i looked like Pooh stuck in rabbits hole. lol.
I'll let you all know as soon as i find out what in the heck is wrong with my brain now.
Talk to you all soon,
best wishes and happy stitches.

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Claire said...

Oh, Mandie, she's BEAUTIFUL!! I'm so sorry about your son's cousin - very sad. How is your head feeling these days? I hope things improve with the results of the MRIs! Please take care, and don't worry about the bag, PLEASE!! :) It's just a bag, and I think you're such a super person, my gift is getting to know you! :)