Friday, July 6, 2007

Oh how i miss Lorelai

Micah is in the middle of this group, he is in the brown shorts. This is his swimming lessons down at our local park. On this day he had moved up from level one to level two. A big feat since he has trouble kicking under the water.

I had the pleasure of going to see Evan Almighty. It really made me miss our Gilmore Girls. It was a really cute movie. Another GG sighting. Jess ( luke's Nephew) is in the new Fergie Video for Big girls dont cry. He is covered in tattoos but looks so good in a bad boy kind of way. He always has had that bad boy thing though.

My classes in school have really suffered with my new job. I have not had time to focus on much of anything. I am just so tired when i get home I dont even want to make dinner. I never neglect food.

well here is a pic of the fishing derby we took Micah to. He had so much fun and even won a prize. He won $25 dollars for catching this little guy. He caught him after only five minutes there. Then didnt even get a bite for the next two hours.

This is the fish Micah names Spikes.

Tonight is my towns fireworks, I cant wait to see how my digital camera does with this. It has a fireworks setting on it but i've never tried it out. We'll see i guess.

Swap problems
I have a swap question for you all. I've been in several swaps with out a single complaint. Now i'm in the spring felted bag exchange. I have a wonderful partner to send things too. she seems really nice but the problem is the person who has me. we were supposed to send two packages. one at the end of may and the other at the end of june. Well may has come and gone, june has come and gone and i still have not recieved anything from her. She keeps sending me emails telling me she is sending the first package out this week but i still get nothing.
The ladies running the swap are looking into it for me. They have been great.
I just wondered if this has happened to anyone else?
Have you been in a swap with a bad swap partner?

The ladies from the swap said that they have an angel ready to step up and be my adoptive partner if mine doesn't come through by next week. We are giving her some slack because of the holiday.
I understand that problems come up, money gets tight and bags dont felt right but i wouldnt even have a problem not getting a package if she wrote to me and said "look, i lost my job and just dont have money right now" but she just keeps saying, next week, next week. AHHHH.
thanks i just had to yell for a sec. lol.
Well i think i'm done complaining now. If i get any good pics from the fireworks i'll post them tomorrow.
best wishes and happy stitches


scappyhappy said...

Yes, Mandie it does happen to all of us. I am your swap partner and it has happened to me a number of times when I have sent lovely packages. But the difference between you and I are ages. I am 55 and you are 29...patience does come with time. I have sent your package and I hope you are happy with it. I have had some problems and I have tried to explain....but unless you are in my can not understand. Sorry you feel this way, but I have been on the other side. I just try to understand and hope the person is well and not having problems. No, I don't have money problems.,..,I hope you will see by what I have sent I have purchased you some very nice things. Sorry again for taking so long.

Your felted swap partner

Susan said...

How cute is Micah in his cool shades!?!?!?
Love'em! and tell him congrats on his big catch.
Hope you are having a "cool" summer.
I wanted to pop by to say Thanks again. I ordered & received my yarn from Linda in like 5 days! She is so nice and her colorways are gorgeous. I see why you like her so much. I also saw Evan Almighty ~ very cute.
*** There is an Etsy seller, whiteoakstudio (the same from the coffee swap) selling a Gilmore Girls colorway. It's really nice, you should check it out.
Take care and happy summer!

Tim King said...

Hey, Mandie. Thanks for writing about Evan Almighty. I've actually been wondering whether it's worth watching. I'm really looking forward to seeing Lauren Graham in some significant movie roles. But I rarely know what to expect from a film going in, and from the previews, this one sounded just so... superficial with drama added for effect. But you make it sound like maybe it's worth watching after all.