Wednesday, July 11, 2007

you have to see this

I was reading some older posts from this week on a yahoo knit group i'm on. I see that someone was talking about these cupcakes. If you have not been to this blog yet you must see the pics. I copied a couple of them here for you but check out the link and take a look at all her pics and her lesson on how to make them. They are priceless.

Link for you:

On a personal note:

It looks like it back to the neurosurgeon for me. I've been having my headaches again. It feels like someone is standing on my head. It is messing up my vision and my hearing. I called my doc today and he ordered me several kinds of MRI's for saturday. YUCK. then my follow up apt. to see what he found on the 30th. wish me luck.

Best wishes and happy stitches.


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