Monday, May 21, 2007

b day got better

Hello folks.

As you may know i'm gettin on in my years and am now a 29 year old women. UGHHHHH, let me rephrase that one. I'm a 18yr old in a 29 yr olds body. Yeah!! i like that better.

Well my birthday really was starting to go down the toliet, no one was home so i sat and zoned out on law and order. I mean first my gilmore girls go away and then every one else does too. We ended up celebrating my birthday on sunday instead of friday. My son, his father (josh), my sister and her husband went to olive garden and then to see Shrek the Third oh and then to cold stone creamery. I had to have the peanut butter perfection but i got it with dark chocolate ice cream instead of milk. Now for someone who is extremly lactose intolerent you would think that i would stay away for a ice cream shop but i just think the cold stone is worth the pain. All in all it ended up being a pretty good birthday. I have a feeling to make next years a good one it's gonna take alot of tequila. lol

On the knitting front i just finished my gilmore girls shawl. My aunt borrowed my camera so i will have to post some pics as soon as i get it back.

best wishes and happy stitches


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