Friday, May 11, 2007

my 2 cents

I have taken a few days to let this episode sink in. I wasn't really sure if i liked where it was going. I personally think that Logan will make a final appeal to Rory in the last episode. I cant see them ending the show with out them being together. I dont think they will be engaged but i think they will be dating again. Logan needs her. I was not a big fan of the talk with Rory and lore in Rory's apartment. I think that being raised by a forever single mom Rory is just following moms example and feels its best to go it alone. Now please remember this is being written by a single mom so no hate mail please.

I think the best thing they could do is give us an "update" ending to the show. When they ended the show six feet under they gave us the best ending i think i have ever seen on TV before. They played a wonderful song and followed each of the main characters thru there lives. It really gave the show closure. You were able to see them get married have children and see there children's wed, and also they showed some of the characters deaths (that is what the show was about anyways). I would be soooo very happy if GG would do something like that. I'd love to see a future shot of Rory on her wedding day or at a big newspaper and Luke and lore together at the diner.

Oh well i guess it is only a wish right. We will all see on Tuesday.

best wishes and happy stitches

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