Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Its really over :(

I'm sorry to bring you bad news today. It was announced that Gilmore Girls will not be back for a 8th season. You can read more info on www.gilmoregirls.org This was announced last week but I had not visited the site for a while so this mornings news was abit of a shocker for me. After reading the email from the gilmore girls.org founder i realized i too am faceing a decision. Do i keep my blog up and running. I have decided that i will, as long as there are people who want to visit, share there knitting projects and just talk about gilmore girls i'll be here. We now only have two more episodes left. Two more weeks to enjoy all that stars hollow has to offer.
I say let's make the best of it and enjoy them while we can. These last two episodes will be packed full of exciting things ( i wont spoil them for you) for us.

Again i'm sorry to bring you the bad news
i'll be back tonight to discuss the show

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