Friday, May 25, 2007

Update on Lion brand report

I'd first off like to thank Ilana for the comment on my last post. I would love to send the report to those of you at lion brand. I just hope that i did the company justice. We had to write a time line in the report and it was near impossible to find exact dates on some of the info so i did the time line in decades. Just let me know who and where to email it to and I'll do that asap.

Early this morning i got an email from my professor. She regraded my paper and gave me a 92% A. It's not the 100% I'd hoped for but I'll take it. She never said anything about why she had made this mistake or why she had not read the paper the first time. I would of liked to go into more depth about my devotion to Lion Brand but I'm limited to only a certain number of pages and almost a whole page was taken up by this time line that we had to do. I'm not a time line kinda person. I'd much prefer to tell you why i love something but i guess it is a marketing class and they want facts.

Well Ilana if you are serous about wanting to see the paper let me know and its yours. As for everyone else i hope you have a great holiday weekend and lots of great BBQ food. Don't forget all the great knitting you can do while sitting at a cookout.

best wishes and happy stitches

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Susan said...

I have my fingers crossed that Lion Brand reads your paper & sends you a lifetime supply of yarn!

(and then, because you have more yarn than one person could ever possibly knit....You send me half!)

A girl can dream, can't she?