Thursday, May 24, 2007

I miss my camera.

I hate not being able to post pics on here. I know i dont like reading a blog without pics so i dont expect you to do it either. my aunt gave me my camera back but needed to keep my memory card so she could get her pics printed.
I am stressed beyond belief today. As you may know i am attending a online school. I have really enjoyed it until late last night. I spent six hours researching and writing what i thought was a "A" paper. this was for my marketing class and we had to write about a brand product that we are loyal to. I wrote about Lion brand yarn. My professor gave me a 88% B, now some wouldnt have a problem with that but i want to get on deans list and i cant do that with B's. In her comments my instructor said, " while your history about healthy choice deli foods was good you needed more details about why you are loyal to this brand". I wrote about yarn. I did mention that i am loyal to several product such as Mt. dew and healthy choice turkey breast but that was only in one sentence at the beginning of this three page paper. SHE DIDNT READ MY PAPER. How can she give me a B and not read my paper.
I told my sister that next time i should write an amazing first paragraph and then for the rest of the paper just type out an episode of oprah and see if she catches it. lol
I'm catching a cold so i'm sure that doesnt help the situation any.

On the knitting front. I started a handbag for a friend, I'm working ont he last glove for a friends fingerless gloves and numorous other projects. I need to figure out how to crochet some knitted squares together, that doesnt seem to be going so well for me. I'll get it sometime.

Well hopefully i can post pics again.
I hope everyone found something to fill their lives with on tuesday. I just enjoyed american idol and i will be replaceing that with so you think you can dance. I did just hear that they cancelled several of my favorite shows. here is my short list of what they tv people killed off.

the class
the weddingbells
the winner
the war at home
thank god your here
studio 60

I'm not real happy with what i read about new show for the fall line up. come on i cant even stand the caveman commercial and now they get there own show??? what next, i'm afraid to ask.

best wishes and happy stitches

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Ilana Rabinowitz said...

Hi. I'm with Lion Brand and we would love to see your paper. I'm sure WE would read it very carefully!!

Ilana Rabinowitz