Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Watched GG with my Mommy

So my mom has never seen GG and is unfamiliar with all the complexities of the story line but she sat down and watched it with me last night while she was visiting from out of town.

When I heard about karaoke, I looked at my mom and said, watch, Lore is going to sing a cheesy love song and Luke will walk in. When Logan came to talk to Lore, I also looked at her and said, I bet Logan wants to drag her to like California or something. Even though I called these things, I still liked the episode.

I find myself constantly worrying about what is going to happen in Season 8 (if we do indeed get a season 8). I need to chill out and just watch the show :)

In knitting news, I have one button band finished on my Cardigan, Branching Out continues to progress. I haven't worked on the baby cardigans sleeves. I'm a bad girl.

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