Monday, May 14, 2007

one more day :(

Hello all,

I just thought i would drop by and remind all to watch tomorrow night to see the last Gilmore Girls EVER. I think we will all miss sitting back and watching our favorite girls every tuesday night. I guess now i have to make it a mission to get all the box sets. Friday is my birthday so maybe if i'm lucky i'll get another box set. I recieved the fourth season for christmas.

I'm posting a pic that i took to enter into a contest for a swap i'm in. I am taking part in a coffee/yarn swap and they are holding a contest to see who could take the best still life photo of coffee and yarn. I wanted to see what you folks thought of the pic i sent in for the contest.

I hope you all enjoy our last GG episode, I've read the spoilers and i'm not sure what i think just yet.
Best wishes and happy stitches

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brandilion said...

The photo looks great, nice job