Wednesday, May 2, 2007

sorry so late

I too was able to call last nights episode. I am having a hard time with the new writers. I know that they had some big shoes to fill but they must think we are stupid. I have given up on reading the spoilers, i don't need them. I think i can even tell you what is going to happen in next weeks show. I'll keep it to myself, but i think i know what is coming. Regardless of being able to see the future i still enjoyed the show. I like how they showed a calm Layne. She was so scared when she was preg. and just freaked out a few times. now they have showed her as a great mom and a very understanding and loving wife. speaking of babies, Dula is MIA... I love how TV shows can make a character disappear.

So Logan wants to marry Rory, hummmm!!!! I smell trouble. Now is when Chris is gonna reappear and Luke is soo gonna run into him. OK that's it no more predictions. sorry for that one. I did enjoy Rory's dream of the future and a bit of the past. I like Paris living in Rory's house, she has always ran to that house for comfort.

So recap. Layne's man is going on the road sans wife and baby, Rory now has an apartment in NY, Logan is moving to San Fran, Logan wants to marry Rory, lore is having a heart attack at the thought of Rory moving and getting married, Rory is going to graduate in next show, Luke has no April/ boat, and lore is singing love songs. OK I think i got it all. well now that i write it all I'm not sure if I really did like the episode. I think i like that it is Gilmore Girls, and it's new but as far as GG goes it was not my fav. I guess alot of nothing happened. strange how after writing about it my true feelings come out.

I'll stop babbling now. thanks all

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