Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm back,

Sorry about the wait for a new post. I am being completely consumed by school. This is my final week for my marketing class and i cant wait for it to be over. this has been one of the worst school experiences i think i have ever had. First my teacher not having a mic or a power point for class ( i take classes online), then her not actually reading my paper, then Saturday my small group project was due. They put 6 of us together and gave us a project to do. Normally this is a difficult task for a real world setting but it is almost impossible in an online school. Out of six we had four papers turned in, which sounds great but one of the papers didn't even mention the product we were supposed to be writing about then the other seemed to be copied. When we turn anything in to the school it is put in a data base to compare it against other students papers and published articles to ensure no one copies. A normal similarity score is anywhere from 0% to 11% one of the papers a group member turned in was a 69% similarity score. When she would not give us a reference for her information I refused to use her paper in the group assignment ( i was the group leader). This set me on a course of back and forth emails with her and another student "Gabe" who by the way was a complete god send. If not for Gabe i would not of been able to finish the paper. We pulled together and wrote what the other students would not.

I thought that was the end of my hair pulling, oh I was so wrong. We also had to turn in a small individual paper called a discussion board. part of our grade is to read other peoples discussion boards post and comment on them. I was reading one when i got a nasty surprise. We had to write about two things we had bought, one large purchase and one small. I wrote about my car and a ring tone for my cell phone. This classmate of mine wrote about an adult sex swing for her bedroom and a cleaner for her adult toys. I was shocked and disgusted. This was school not some frat party. I have filed complaints with the deans office and my instructor, I'm not sure how far that will go but now other students are calling me prudish and i seem to be getting attacked verbally a bit.

Needless to say I've been a bit stressed. I got my camera and memory card back so later this afternoon I'll be finally posting the pics of my finished Gilmore Girls shawl, My lasted swap package and who know, maybe a glimpse of a special gift I'm making for a friend. I'll talk to you all later today.
thanks for sticking with stressful little me.
best wishes and happy stitches.

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