Tuesday, May 1, 2007

some works in progress

here are some works in progress.

This will be felted soon. I just thought " how cute would a British flag be on a felted bag". I was right. the Jamaican flag is next.

I'm not sure if you all remember me telling you a few months back about my son's cousin who was murdered out in Wyoming. well his girlfriend is having his baby girl, she is due in July so now i have a reason to make something pink. I decided to make the baby tart hat from knitty.com. I may enter this in the calendar contest they are having.

Spring cleaning. All this mess on my bed is going to be donated to a local school that is having a rummage sale. This school is for mentally challenged children and all the money from the sale goes to funding new and existing programs for them.
well i'm sure i'll be back later tonight to post about our favorite girls. Talk to you all soon


Karen said...

The Flag Bag is fabulous. Looking forward to seeing it all felted.

Love the Hat. So cute. So, so sorry to hear about the little one's daddy.

Good luck with the spring cleaning. We've been working on the basement and the garage.

Susan said...

Mandie, that bag is awesome!
I loooooove it & the little baby hat is beyond cuteness.